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Electro-Static Discharge (ESD)

Electro-Static Discharge products provide methods of confident grounding of static charge for work areas!


Table Matting, Floor Matting and Ani-Fatigue Dissipative...

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STATICO Wrist Straps and Grounding Cords

Grounding protection options for employees...

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Metro ESD Systems

Metro - ESD casters, split sleeves and Smart-Tray System

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Cart Covers

Control electrostatic discharge and protect cart contents with HBD Cart Covers...

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LewisBins+ ESD-Safe Divider Boxes and Dividers

LewisBins+ ESD materials conform to ANSI/ESD S20.20 (2007 requirements for ESD packaging. XL material: conductive thermoplastic polypropylene, parts bins and divider boxes. LS material: dissipative polypropylene. Card holders - SD SMC material: dissipative thermoset polyester-based. Trays: Racks & panels have a durable black permanently-conductive coating.

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